Corrosion in swimming pools

In my city Renkum in the Netherlands a new swimming pool will be built, called project MFC 3b4 (Multi Functional Centre). I am an enthusiastic swimmer and I does not want to get a lamp on my head becaus of stress corrosion cracking. So I pointed last year the project management at the danger of using SS in the swimming hall.
In January 2016 I got the answer that the recent in the Netherlands published paper NPR9200 should be followed and that the first priority would be not to use Stainless Steel.
I was not happy with this answer, so I pointed again at the danger of SS in the swimming hall. Because of difficulty of differentiating simple SS to 1.4529, I strongly recommended the use of Zn coated steels.
Then the project leader of the city Renkum has sent an extra enclosure to the tendering companies:

” Gebruik RVS
De discussie over NPR9200 is nog niet afgerond, hetgeen we wel verwacht hadden. Het definitieve advies op basis van NPR9200 kan pas eind 2016 worden gegeven. Dit jaar kunnen specialisten hun commentaar nog geven bij de NEN.
Voor het zwembad in Renkum hebben wij het volgende besloten:
Gebruik van RVS in de zwemzaal voor ophangmaterialen is niet langer toegestaan.
In de plaats daarvan dienen verzinkte bouten en moeren als materiaal voor bevestiging en ophangconstructie in de zwemzaal.”
Translated as follows:
“Use SS.
The discussion about NPR9200 is not finished yet, as we expected. The conclusive advise from NPR9200 can not be taken before end 2016. This year specialists can still give their comments at the normalisation commission NEN.
For the swimming pool in Renkum we decided: |
Use of SS in the swimming hall for hanging materials will not be allowed. In stead of SS Zinc coated fixing materials should be used for fixing and hanging constructions in the swimming hall.”
So I am glad for this decision and I will swim save in Renkum and many thanks to the project leader.

24 february 2016

Retirement in januari 2010

Because of my longtime experience with corrosion in electricity production companies I could help you in the past to solve problems and prevent failures.

However, I finished my consultant agency in January 2010.

Nowadays I spent my time mainly on gardening, wood carving, ceramics, transparants and bronzes. See my work? Click on my most recent “Projects From Wood to Bronze”.

Nevertheless, for the corrosion work, have a look at my list of publications with pdf’s and the photo archive! Maybe it can help you still.

I have collected the pdf’s in particularly in the fields of :

  • Corrosion in high temperature high-pressure water systems
  • Corrosion under fireside conditions
  • Corrosion in gas ducts
  • General

Wally Huijbregts, Renkum, The Netherlands